Kimono Kibun - Rent a Kimono and Go Sightseeing

Rental Information

Rental Kimono Standard Plan. You can rena a kimono set for up to 6 hours.

Return by 16:00 / ¥6,000 tax included.

Enjoy taking photos by Lake Kawaguchiko with a view of Mt. Fuji or go sightseeing in the scenic neighborhood. You may ride the sightseeing bus to tour the surrounding areas of Lake Kawaguchiko as long as the kimono is returned by 16:00.

Book the Standard Plan HereAdvanced reservation
is required

Rental Kimono Casual Plan.  Great for commemorative photos.

60 minutes / ¥4,000 tax included. Kimono type is available from October to May. Yukata type is available from June to September.

The Casual Plan is perfect for taking photos with Lake Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji in the background and making short visits to the nearby locations.
Walk-ins are welcome for the Casual Plan.
*However, due to the limited number of kimono, we recommend that you book in advance when possible.

Book the Casual Plan here
Rental Includes.
Please note
[Valuables] We are not responsible for your valuables.
[Insurance Plan] We offer an optional insurance plan for 500 yen upon rental. This plan will cover basic cleaning and repair costs with the exception of kimono being soiled, damaged, or lost beyond repair.
Do you hair up for woman as well?
We do some easy updo(Standard Plan only), also you can use our rental Kanzashi (it’s a hairpin for kimono) for free.
Do you have make up service?
We don’t have make up service now. Please wear make up by yourself.
Do you have kimono for kids?
We have Kimonos for girl, but not for boy. For adults, we have both men and women kimonos.
Children’s fee is the same as adult's fee.
Do you have kimono for big size?
It is OK to wear the kimono with up to around 100cm hip size.
Is it possible to return Kimono on next day ?
Unfortunately, our company does not offer that kind of service.

Special Giveaway

A free Gamaguchi coin purse giveaway to customers who made a Kimono Kibun post on SNS (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). *Offer valid while supplies last. The perfect palm-sized coin purse to store your little things!
What is a Gamaguchi purse?
It is a coin purse made with a traditional Japanese metal clasp. The small palm-sized purse is made to store plenty of change and comes with a wide opening for easy access.