Kimono Kibun - Rent a Kimono and Go Sightseeing

Rental Steps

  • STEP1

    Make a reservation

    Please choose your date on the reservation calendar to book a temporary reservation.
    We will then contact you to confirm and complete your reservation.
    (You may book at least three days in advance. *Reservations cannot be made on the same day.)

  • STEP2


    Please come to the Oishi Tsumugi Dentou Kougei Kan.
    Click here for bus schedule.
    Address: 1438-1 Oishi Fuji-Kawaguchiko-machi Minami-tsuru-gun Yamanashi
    Open Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

  • STEP3

    Choose a Kimono

    You may choose a kimono from a colorful selection.

  • STEP4

    Kitsuke: Put on the Kimono

    A Kitsuke-Shi (Kimono stylist) will assist you.
    *As we do not have any locking containers, we are unable to safeguard items of high value; however you may check in other items you do not wish to carry in our staff room. It is requested you keep valuables on your person.

  • STEP5

    All set to go (Return by 16:00)

  • STEP6

    Returning the Kimono

    We hope you enjoyed your kimono experience.
    Please show us your SNS post and you will receive a Gamaguchi coin purse for free.

    *Return time may vary depending on congestion.

    you will receive a Gamaguchi coin purse for free.